Competition News

Regionals 2018

The first round of the National Lifesaving Championships will take place on Saturday 29th September at Liverpool Aquatic Centre.

Entries are already in. We will get more details in the coming weeks.

Please click here to see the National-Lifesaving-Championships-Rules-2018-.




Challenge Cup 2016

The Challenge Cup will be held at Crewe Lifestyle Centre on 12th November starting at 6.00pm.

For comp details, see challenge-cup-letter-2016-front-letter.

For skills required, please click challenge-cup-skills-2016.

Hope to see you there.

Regional Results

Fantastic news that all our lifesavers made it through the Regional heat and are in the National Finals!

Helen and Jasmine are North West Junior Girls Champions!

Steven and Tom are North West Senior Boys Champions!

Matty is North West Individual Male Champion!

Warren is North West Masters Men’s Champion!

Finals is on 5th November at Pond’s Forge, Sheffield – good luck!

Branch Eliminator results

Well done to all our Competitors who took part in the Branch Eliminator last night. I have attached the results here. Don’t forget, The regionals are on 10th September!

Branch Eliminator

I have attached details of the 2011 Branch Eliminator here – and a copy of the Rule Book here. Please let me know asap if you would like to enter as we need to fill in entry forms etc.


Youth Competition

I have attached details of the Youth competition here, and the events here. Please let me know asap if you would like to enter.

Club Competition results

I have attached the club competition results here.

The lowest points score wins. If you would like the results explaining, I am happy to do so.

Junior Competition

This is for teams of 2 for juniors aged 12 and under. Please see me at the club and I will organise a team mate for you. Please see details here.

Annual Club Competition

I have attached details of our Club Competition here. This is for all club members to enter as individuals. Please see me or your teacher for details of which category you will be in and what your events will be.

Good luck!!

Hall walker / Harold Davies competition

Hi – I have attached details of the Hall Walker / Harold Davies competition here.

Please let me know if you want to enter – this is for 14 years and over only.

Challenge Cup results

Congratulations to our Nantwich lifesavers who took part in the Challenge Cup last night – we came away with all 3 trophies!!

I have attached the results here – I am happy to explain if need be.

Well done!!

Branch Eliminator results

Congratulations to all our Competitors in the Branch eliminator on Saturday (19th June). Everybody performed brilliantly, and we have a number of Nantwich lifesavers going through to represent Liverpool and District Branch in the Regionals – well done!!

I have attached the results here – please ask if you need them explaining as I know they look a little complicated!

Youth competition results

Well done to all our lifesavers at the Youth competition on Saturday (24th April) – we came 1st, 2nd and 4th in the Under 14′s, and 3rd in the Under 18′s – brilliant result!!

To see the full results, please click here.

Branch Eliminator

I have added the 2010 rules to the Technical page for this competition. There is also a new diving award out for this competition which we will start looking into.

I have attached the background to this award here – and the award itself to the Awards page.

Youth Competition

The Youth competition is to be held on Saturday 24th April at Crewe Pool. This is for teams of 4.

For more details click here.

If you would like to enter – or come along as a casualty, please see Julie P!!!

Club Competition 2010

Well done to all our competitors who entered the club competition on Saturday 13th March. In total we had 37 entries which is a fantastic turnout!!

The marks are done on position – so it is the lowest points which win! If you would like anything explaining further, please see me at lifesaving and I’ll try to help!


National Championships 2009

The National Championships will take place on Saturday 31st October at Pond’s Forge, Sheffield.

Some of our Club members have qualified for this – Warren (Master’s men), Stephanie and Lucy (Junior girls), and Stephen and John (Junior boys) have all got qualified at both the Branch Eliminator and the Regional Heats to represent the North West in the Finals.

We wish them the best of luck – and congratulations for getting this far!!!