Monthly Archive November 30, 2020

ByJulie Pearson

Back again!

Good morning,
I hope you have all been ok?
As lockdown ends again, we are able to get back to lifesaving!
We will only have 2 sessions before Christmas:5th December  Survive & Save12th December Rookie7.45am – 8.30am and same system as previous.
We have decided to make these sessions free and they will be fun sessions (social distanced of course!)
Hope to see you very soon

ByJulie Pearson

Back to lockdown :(

Good evening,
Unfortunately, as we go into lockdown again and the pools close, lifesaving sessions will need to stop until at least the beginning of December.
As soon as I hear anything about reopening, I will let you know.
I’ve really enjoyed being back on poolside with such a fantastic set of lifesavers and supportive parents, and this is a real blow – but we need to stay safe more than anything.
Please keep in touch, and hopefully we will be back together very soon.
Take care, and look after each other.
Julie x