Monthly Archive July 2018

ByJulie Pearson

Summer Break

Hope you have all warmed up after Saturday?
Don’t forget, we are now closed for the Summer and reopen on Saturday 1st September.
Have a lovely Summer and we look forward to seeing you then x
ByJulie Pearson

Outdoor Pool


Just a reminder – we are in the outdoor pool this Saturday (28th)
This will be a fun session. We have the pool from 8.00am-9.00am but lifesavers can leave the pool early if they are too cold. Please make sure parents are there to collect them.
If any parents would like to have a swim as well, please feel free to join us! This also goes for siblings too – however, parents will be responsible for non club members at all times.
Obviously, our lifesavers will have priority – if we do get lots of extra swimmers, it will be first come first served.
See you Saturday (lets hope the weather holds!!)